As your personal tanning salon, Superior Tan And Massage offers convenient sunless tanning and massage therapy in a calm, no-pressure environment. We are here to help you look and feel your very best.

Tanning Solutions

We offer three different levels of tanning services and products. Consult with one of our friendly experts today to learn which is right for you. You are more than welcome to use our facilities as often as you like, however, we recommend that you tan only once per 24-hour period.

Level 1

Level 1 features our basic, 160-watt tanning bed with a maximum time of 15 minutes. Membership for level is just $19.99 and can be canceled any time. Membership includes unlimited tanning, 10% off all products, and access to our spray tanning booths.

Level 2

Level 2 memberships include all of the benefits of Level 1 with the added bonus of being able to use our more advanced tanning beds. Discounts include 10% off spray-on tanning and 50% off all upgraded equipment. Memberships begin at $34.99 per month.

Level 3

Our Level 3 members have access to any bed any time. Additionally, members receive 10% off all products and the Mystic® spray-on booth. Level 3 memberships begin at just $49.99.

Professional Massage Therapy

Nothing helps you forget about a terrible day at work better than a soothing massage from Superior Tan And Massage. Our therapists offer a number of techniques customized to meet your needs.

Formostar Infrared Body Wrap Therapy

There are many benefits associated with far infrared heat therapy.  The far infrared heat found in the treatment pads of the Formostar Infrared Heat system are placed at targeted areas of the body, such as your thighs for slimming and cellulite reduction, abdomen and hip areas for slimming and fat loss, and arms for slimming and fat loss as well.

The benefits of far infrared heat therapy include:

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