Formostar Infrared Body Wrap now available at Superior Tan & Massage!

There are many benefits associated with far infrared heat therapy.  The far infrared heat found in the treatment pads of the Formostar Infrared Heat system are placed at targeted areas of the body, such as your thighs for slimming and cellulite reduction, abdomen and hip areas for slimming and fat loss, and arms for slimming and fat loss as well.

The benefits of far infrared heat therapy include:

Cellulite Reduction

Cellulite is best described as a condition of uneven deposits of fat, water, and wastes that have become trapped in connective tissues of the body just below the skin’s surface. Cellulite occurs primarily in the hips, upper thighs, abdomen, buttocks and upper arms. Studies of cellulite found the biggest contributor toward a cellulite condition was poor blood circulation. However, toxic accumulation and fluid retention are major contributing factors in the formation of cellulite. Loss of blood flow to an area, whether from lack of exercise, excessive sitting, clogged arteries, or nutrient deficiency, can have a disastrous impact on cellulite formation. According to cellulite experts, cellulite generally accumulates in areas with poor circulation, and as a result, the toxins and waste materials get more clogged and harder to remove. Anyone that has cellulite, or the dimpling of the skin on the thighs, rear end, and even the lower leg area, knows that it is a very embarrassing and unsightly condition.

Cellulite reduction - before and afterFormostar treats cellulite and adipose tissue with far infrared radiation and specifically is a method of selectively delivering targeted infrared energy to each clients individual areas of concern on their bodies. The treatment shrinks the fat stores and removes the toxins beneath the surface of the skin that are the root cause of the dimpled appearance of cellulite. In addition, the Infrared Body Wrap heat penetrates deep into your clients body to start liquefying the subcutaneous fat so that it gets released via the sweat and other body elimination systems.

The Formostar Treatment significantly improves your blood circulation, and by improving the blood flow to the target area, you can eliminate the conditions that caused Cellulite to form in the first place. In summary, when you shrink the subcutaneous stored fat cells and remove the toxins and retained fluids from beneath the skin surface, cellulite will no longer cause dimpling on the skin surface.

Formostar Infrared Body Wrap burns caloriesBurns Calories

A calorie is a measure of energy expenditure. The calories referred to in diet and exercise, are kilocalories (kcal), 1000 of the calories referred to in science labs for measuring chemical reactions. A pound of fat stores 3500 calories (kcal). To lose half a kilo of fat a week a person must eat approximately 500 fewer calories (kcal) per day than he/she expends. The range of daily calorie burning is from 1600 for a sedentary woman or older people, to 2800 for active men, very active women and teenage boys.

You can burn up to 900 to 1400 calories or more in just one 50 minute session. Your body will burn off those calories through the day. The best of all is that the inch loss from infrared is permanent.

Formostar Infrared Body Wrap increases metabolismIncreases Metabolism

The heat produced by the Formostar Infrared Body Wrap Treatment is similar to that of a cardio or physical workout all while laying down for a period of fifty minutes. This infrared heat stimulates the metabolism and increases blood circulation just like it would with a workout session. It will also increase your heart rate and increase blood circulation. This increased circulation will also increase your Basic Metabolic Rate and by doing so consumes or burns calories.

As you relax in the gentle Infrared Body Wrap treatment, your body is actually hard at work producing sweat, pumping blood, and burning calories. As your body increases sweat production to cool itself, your heart will work harder to pump blood at a greater rate to boost blood circulation.

The amount of calories burned during one session will vary from person to person depending on their size, but calories will be burned as if you had exercised. Your metabolism will also be stimulated for at least 24 to 36 hours after using this treatment. This means that your body will be burning calories at a higher rate for the next several days after using one treatment. Best results will be by using an Infrared Body Wrap Treatment at least twice per week. And drinks lots and lots of water.

Formostar Infrared Body Wrap helps with body contouringBody Contouring

The body contouring opportunity for the Formostar Encore Infrared Body Wrap’s unique approach to treating subcutaneous fat and cellulite is significant. The emerging body shaping market segment is expected to grow from approximately $5.5 billion (device sales, procedures and fees) in 2008 to approximately $8.6 billion in 2012.

The Formostar treatment is a very natural non-invasive infrared light therapy processes that reduces body fat, removes stored toxins and enhances body metabolism, resulting in tighter, smoother looking-skin and a streamlined form without sacrificing the curves your clients want to keep. Target specific body shaping, cellulite reduction, skin rejuvenation and a better overall sense of enhanced well being is exactly what your clients are seeking, and they will reward your spa with their customer loyalty, their testimonials and their referrals.

Fat Loss

Formostar Infrared Body Wrap helps with fat lossWhen we accumulate body fat, blood circulation becomes worse. Because of a lack of blood circulation, we cannot metabolize or burn body fat. In addition, very little heat is being circulated to that part of your body. This is what we call “cold spots.” When we take away the heat from that area of your body and it cools, the fat then turns from subcutaneous fat into cellulite. Subcutaneous fat is very soft and easy to lose. Cellulite is almost like hard muscle that is hardened from lack of blood circulation.

The purpose of the InfraRed Body Wrap Treatment is to apply heat to the body in order to get underneath the fat tissue and thin the blood to allow it to get into the areas where fat tissue exists. Bringing the blood back into the areas that have had restricted blood flow causes the metabolism rates to rise. The heat softens the fat tissue causing it to break up and be released into the blood stream in the form of calories to be burned up as energy. When we have an excess of calories, the body stores them as fat. The InfraRed Body Wrap Treatment reverses this process by breaking the fat down into calories and placing them back into the blood stream to be used as energy.

You can burn up to 900 to 1400 calories or more in just one 50 minute InfraRed Body Wrap Treatment. Your body will burn off those calories throughout the day.


Did you know that toxins accumulate in your body on a daily basis?  Toxins like sodium, nicotine, cholesterol and alcohol among others are a result of lifestyle choices.  Detoxing with Formostar can help to reduce your chemical burden.

Other substances, such as mercury and heavy metals including nickel, cadmium, zinc, aluminum and lead can get into your body through exposure to certain elements in your environment.  High concentrations of toxins in your body have the potential to damage your nervous system, liver and kidneys.

Fortunately, you can turn to Infrared heat therapy as a relatively safe, comfortable and effective detoxification solution.

Over the last 25 years, Japanese and Chinese researchers and clinicians have completed extensive research on infrared medical and detoxification treatments and report many amazing discoveries.

In Japan, there is an 'infrared society' composed of medical doctors and physical therapists dedicated to further infrared research. Their findings support the health benefits of infrared therapy as a method of healing.  It is now becoming very clear that internal environment of our bodies reflects our external environment.

Recently, Infrared has received significant mainstream attention as a result of a movement toward natural and self-directed treatments. The leading infrared detoxification principle suggests that common illnesses are caused by the build-up of toxic substances in the body.  Ridding the body of these toxins through a natural detoxification may help relieve symptoms, prevent future illness and increase overall health and vitality.

Reports from the United States Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimate that over 80% of all illnesses have causes rooted in personal environments or lifestyles.

In an industrialized society, we can do little to reduce exposure to toxins in the air we breathe and the food we eat.  As a result, infrared detoxification has become a leading treatment to achieve greater health and wellness.  Infrared is thought to be 7 times more effective at detoxifying heavy metals such as mercury, aluminum, and even cholesterol, nicotine, alcohol, ammonia, sulfuric acid and other environmental toxins, as opposed to conventional heat or steam saunas.

The human body is a reservoir of all kinds of bio-toxins which cannot be expelled immediately and become stored in the body, thereby triggering illness. When toxic gases such as sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide, or potentially fatal heavy metal toxins such as mercury, lead and chlorine, meet large water molecules, they are encapsulated by clusters of water and soluble fats and trapped in the body.

Where these toxins are accumulated, blood circulation is blocked and cellular energy is impaired.

However, when a 7 to 14 micron Far Infrared (FIR) thermal wave is applied to these large molecules, they begin to vibrate (Formostar produces 9.6 micron energy). This vibration reduces the ion bonds of the atoms which are holding together the molecules of water. As the water evaporates, the encapsulated gas and toxins can be released.

The skin is the largest organ in the body and through the pores it plays a major role in the detoxifying process alongside the lungs, kidneys, bowels, liver, and the lymphatic and immune systems.  The skin produces cool sweat to regulate the body’s elevated temperature. It also has the ability to transform toxins from lipid-soluble (or oil-based) into water-soluble form which is easier to eliminate.

You have two million sweat glands dispersed across your skin that release fluids to help keep you cool when your body overheats. When you are inside the Formostar wraps, your body heats up making you sweat profusely.

The penetrating heat helps release the toxins from your cells where they are stored and you then eliminate the toxins through the sweat that comes out of the pores of your skin as well as other elimination channels.

As a bonus, infrared therapy boosts your metabolism and helps you burn calories. It also breaks down fat – which happens to be where toxins are often stored. You lose those inches and detoxify your body all at the same time.

When toxins enter the skin and fat tissue and the lymph cannot work fast enough to remove the excess, the fat tissue becomes swollen and engorged increasing the size up to 100 times in some cases.

The Formostar wrap pulls these toxins from the tissues reducing cellulite and reducing stretch marks. This process also allows the compressed tissue to hold the new shape by revitalizing the collagen-elastin matrix which is comprised of millions on tiny mono-filament size elastic bands which give your skin tone and snap. 

Sweat does not contain just the bad things; it contains the good minerals ass well. Sweat is in fact blood without the protein and cellular content therefore it is important to rehydrate with a physiological mix of minerals including calcium, chromium, copper, iodine, iron, selenium, and zinc.

We are all exposed to toxins in some way in our lives. The infrared therapy helps us disperse those toxins in our body and produce a greater sense of well being. This is also one of the safest ways to decrease toxins in the body due to the gentle nature of infrared.